Heavy FaceSit & Chest Crushing Buttdrops With 620 Pound Goddess

August 26, 2019 SSBBW BigFatChics 0

The best way to get over being bored is to get a slave under you! 

In this new update the astonishingly heavy BiBi orders John to come lie beneath her massively huge yet wobbly and soft ass. 

She begins by just sitting back on him but that doesn’t last long. First comes the bouncing to give his rib cage and chest a little warm up then she stands up repeatedly dropping her unbelievably heavy body down onto his chest time and time again. 

Realizing he is finding a air pocket and taking shallow breaths she sits with her legs closed over his face allowing her soft supple fat cells to rest on top of him filling his face with blubber and cutting off his supply of air!

Listen as she rises for the last time, slave John is breathing heavy, you can hear the struggle to get each breath in, knowing that his ribs are hurting and each breath comes with a sharp pain.

He just can’t wait to sit up and get the mask off so he can get a few good deep breaths in his oxygen deprived body.

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